Author - Floretta Fish


Coda Fitness : Day to Day Routine

From day 11 to 13: accelerate your metabolism
At this stage, two metabolic adjustments occur: your body relies less on protein as fuel, and metabolism slows...


Health Education in Edinburgh

There are lots of experts in fitness and health industry knows the importance of nutritional supplements. The proper supplements are necessary to improve a...


Three Types of Hearing Loss

There are three basic types of hearing loss: sensorineural, conductive, and mixed.  Obviously, a person who has one type of hearing loss could also have...


How to become a hospital administrator

A day in the life of a hospital administrator
In the morning, you might be writing a budget for the billing department, saying how much doctors can charge for...


Why Use a Chiropractor

Generally, in case of every treatment, everyone mostly considers specialists, instead of distressing from new physical as well as mental disorder. But if one...


Rehabilitation -a way to restore you

Alcohol rehabilitation is the process, in which medical and psychotherapeutic treatment is combined to treat dependency on alcohol. The aim of both drug and...