Coda Fitness : Day to Day Routine

From day 11 to 13: accelerate your metabolism

At this stage, two metabolic adjustments occur: your body relies less on protein as fuel, and metabolism slows down. We will guide you at Coda Fitness in bradford gym.

Step 7: Return to your original protein intake

There is no need to take an extra amount of protein because the body is not used to use is as fuel.

Step 8: Triple your current carbohydrate intake

Reducing carbohydrate intake is an effective solution for defining figures, but if you consume a small amount of carbohydrate for too long, your metabolism will slow down. At the same time as you return to your original protein intake, put your metabolism at maximum speed by entering 525g of carbohydrates daily, 3 times the intake of the first step. These additional carbohydrates will never be stored as fats because the depleted glycogen stores must first store glycogen before storing fat.

Step 9: Discard MCT

All these calories from carbohydrates give your body enough amount of sugar to stimulate new growth and completely reverse any catabolism effects. So, discard the middle chain triglycerides added in the sixth step.

Step 10: temporarily abolish cardio training

Cardio exercises can reduce your body’s ability to fill your glycogenic supplies. Repeat cardio training for days 11 to 13, to allow glycogen supplies to refill.

Step 11: repeat all 10 steps but with this changes

-lower intake of carbs by 75% for days 14-16

-lower intake of carbs by 50% for days 17-18

From 14.-18. days: Fat Burners and L-Carnitine

Take 2 fat burners capsules before breakfast. Fat burners usually contain caffeine and plants that stimulate metabolism and fat burning.

Take 2000mg of L-carnitine, 1000mg after waking and 1000mg before training, in the afternoon or in the evening.

L-Carnitine supports the metabolism of fats and ketones during a child with reduced carbohydrate intake.

From day 19 to day 23: Glutamine and L-carnitine

Take 8g of glutamine before your morning cardio training and 8g after your afternoon or evening training. Glutamine can be used as a fuel that prevents muscle loss during periods of reduced calorie intake or intense physical activity.

Keep the supplementation with L-carnitine.

From day 24 to day 26: creatine

Consume 20g of creatine per day. This is an ideal time to use creatine, as a large carbohydrate intake allows blood creatine to flow into muscle tissue. It will satiate your creatine reserve and create the illusion of muscle fullness.

And that’s it!

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