Cosmetic surgery types – Weigh down your options

Before you go for the process of cosmetic surgery, it is vital for you to weigh down your options. Most often it is seen that a less invasive or a rather isolated process can work as well as an operation which is more involved. There are some cases when a surgeon can recommend several skin care products or some kinds of non-surgical cosmetic solutions to treat your issues.

During the initial appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, he will perform a physical examination, ask for details of the medical history and speak with you in detail about the different parts of your body that you’re concerned about. Ensure having a detailed discussion with your doctor.


There are many cosmetic processes which focus on breasts. A person might feel her breasts are too small or too big or she might not be happy regarding the shape of the breasts. Some processes include:

  • Breast enlargement or augmentation
  • Upliftment of breasts to alter the drooping appearance of the breast and to bring about firmness
  • Mammoplasty or breast reduction to alter the appearance if bigger breasts are causing to various issues like back pain
  • Transfer of fat to the breast as a viable alternative to artificial implants of breasts. This process has led to fat dying or eliminating cysts in the breast
  • Reduces male breasts for the condition called gynaecomastia where male breasts get enlarged


Face is that area which sees the first signs of ageing and has different other issues with regards to appearance. Here are few types of plastic surgeries that are done on the face:

  • Rhinoplasty is done to reshape, increase or reduce the size of the nose
  • Reduction of eyelids to remove the surplus skin and fat which eliminates the bags under the eyes
  • Reshaping the cheeks or chin to change the overall face proportion
  • Facelifts to fight against lack of tightness or elasticity in the skin of the face
  • Otoplasty or pinnaplasty to cure the look of prominent ears by readjusting the cartilage’s shape
  • Hair transplant surgery where body hairs are interchanged to be implanted in a different area


  • Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck is abdominal reduction. In this surgery, excess fat and skin is removed
  • Keloids or scars can also be reduced though the surgical process also leaves behind few scars
  • Liposuction uses special vacuum suction to remove unwanted fat deposits from underneath the skin
  • Designer vagina surgery improves the look and appearance of the vagina. This is called vaginaplasty

If you seem to be intrigued by any of the above listed plastic surgery types, you can contact for more details on the best ways of doing them.