Diet, weight loss and exercise programs for the fabulous 40 

40 are the new 20!! That can be true ladies and gentlemen, can’t it? Well, before we hit the 40 mark and get all naughty again it’s essential that we maintain a good diet, weight loss and exercise program to prevent rapid ageing. We definitely don’t want people calling us old now do we?

To look younger we should

  • Keep of everything low fat. Hurrah you say, finally I have arrived. Fats are to be embraced for the perfect fit. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. This will prevent you from overeating and thus help you maintain your glowing skin and figure.
  • Leave the circuitous route of exercise. Get out of the mundane cardio vascular exercise programs; they just might get you to start looking older. Get smart and hang up the running shoes.
  • Challenge yourself and don’t let go blaming everything on age. When your 90? Maybe, even not then. The body is never on a clock or racing against it, it’s all a mind game to help you slow down, so just take the plunge and don’t.
  • Don’t keep yourself from water. Water intake burns fat and suppresses hunger pangs which in turn help the liver to do its job – break down sugar and fat. That doesn’t mean that you go onto a water diet!! Just drink enough to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Workout less, you heard it right. Workout out less and the smart way. Spending hours in the gym won’t help you regain all that you have piled on in the years. Its time that you move fast and swiftly and maintain an old school resistance workout rather than a cardio rich one. This will help you maintain the toning of your muscles and will help you remove the sag.

So there you have it, above mentioned is the simplest diet, weight loss and exercise program for life – its time to get a move on!