Different products for your health care


Skin plays a role of the blockade against dangerous infection for our body. So it becomes important to keep the skin healthy and moist because of dryness there will be a crack in the skin. If you are suffering from a skin problem, no need to worry, Hempgenix provides you different CBD lotion at different prices. It is largest skin Care Company in all over the world. They give surety that their products are hundred percent authorized and highly pure. All of   their oil is created from farms in the USA.



  • Wholesale and private labeling

If you want to start your own brand this company provide the different labeling services. If you want the wholesale services first you have to register your account on their official website. After signup, you can see pricing of products and can purchase them by filling credit card authorization form. They always take care of your account security.

  • CBD oil R &d

CBD oil is very new and in trend product that is why this company always research and develop new ideas to make this betterThey have committed resources towards the development of their own CBD product.


  • Skin care products

All CBD lotions of this company including skin care line uses hundred percent USA CBD oil. In the third party testing, it is proven that the oil they provide is of the highest quality and there is zero THC in their products. The product of Hemp Genix is the first one in which there is 100% percent organic Cannabidiol.



  • They provide high-quality Cannabidiol and pure USA oil only.
  • All of their products are third-party lab tested for effectiveness and superiority.
  • The products they offer are FDA approved and registered.
  • They provide the PETA brutality free facility.
  • All their products are of high standard.