Different Ways to Consume Kratom

For centuries, people in Southeast Asia have consumed folio of the Kratom plant or MitragynaSpeciosa as a medication for spiritual practices and as a stimulant. The psychoactive properties of this herb has gained it a lot of popularity in the United States and Europe in the last few years. It has been made legal in the US, but the problem is that getting fresh leaves of the herb is not possible in the western world. Therefore, Kratom users have to find other ways of consuming this herb in order to derive its benefits. Some of the different ways you can consume it are outlined below:

  • Wash, toss and wash

You can easily find Kratom powder in the market these days and this method is the most efficient way to consume it. First, you need to prep your mouth and throat by drinking some water. Then take another sip and don’t swallow the water. Put some powder in your mouth so it mixes with the water. Take another chug of water for flushing it down your throat.

  • Make Kratom tea

A hot cup of Kratom tea is the way to go if you want the herb to go down more smoothly and without the bitter aftertaste. You can either dissolve Kratom powder directly in the water for making the tea or another option is to brew thedry leaves of the plant and then strain them. You just have to boil your dosage in water for approximately 20 minutes. If you want a stronger taste, you can leave it for a bit longer.

  • Drink Kratom smoothie

You can make a great addition to your diet in the form of a smoothie. Kratom can be mixed with several types of fruit for making a healthy and tasty drink. A Kratom smoothie can be taken post-workout, in breakfast or even as dessert. All you need to do is select a liquid base such as fruit juice, almond milk or yogurt and then you can add your fruits. You can add a banana for masking Kratom’s bitter taste.

  • Go with Kratom capsules

There is the option of taking Kratom capsules if you don’t want to go with powder. It is easier to consume the herb in capsule form and enables you to take it more often. Taking the capsules is just like taking any other medication as you can take them with water or other liquid. It is also a good option in regard to convenience because you can take these capsules anywhere with you. Also, the taste of the plant is concealed so swallowing is no issue. However, you have to be mindful of the right dosage.

  • Use it for cooking

Just like with other ingredients such as salt or paprika, you can also use Kratom for spicing up your food. For instance, you can add a bit of the powder to your cookie batter or maybe add it to the soup or a sauce. It can go well with any dish.