Herbal Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

While plenty of standard erectile dysfunction treatments exist, such as intracavernous injections or chemically-based pills for erection difficulties, many men prefer natural remedies. Usually, the reason for this is the fear of side effects which chemically derived medications can spur. However, if possible side effects of standard drugs, as well as their mode of action, are listed in the patient information leaflet or can be checked out at, little is known about herbal treatments. Meantime, some herbal remedies can have dangerous side effects and therefore should be used with caution.

So, here are some natural options that have research to back them up and precautions one should make not to do an ill service.

Red ginseng.  It is probably the most studied plant that has solid research behind it.  Researchers conclude that it has some positive effect on ED, most probably due to its ability to produce nitric oxide, which is important for erectile function. It is a rather potent vasodilator that has anti-inflammatory effect, improves lung function as well as blood flow through the whole body – all characteristics that can relieve ED symptoms. However, it may have certain side effects, including insomnia, and cause interactions when taken alongside other treatments.

Yohimbe. The bark of the African evergreen tree has shown positive effect on sexual performance by activating the penile nerve to release more nitric oxide. As a result, it widens blood vessels and improves blood flow to the penis, helping to achieve quality erections. Although regarded as safe, it can have side effects, including anxiety, hypertension, irregular heartbeat, tremor and nausea.

Combined herbal remedies. Male enhancement supplements, like VP-GL, specially developed to improve men’s sexual health, contain a mixture of herbs and plant extracts that help increase sex drive as well as blood flow to the penis, leading to long-lasting intercourses. If taken in prescribed doses, the supplement generally causes no side effects, however, an overdose may cause an upset stomach and there’s still a chance that any of the ingredients can provoke allergic reactions.