How Legal Is It To Buy Anabolic Steroids Online In UK

Steroids are mainly consumed by bodybuilders worldwide to gain dense, stronger, bigger, more ripped muscles. Online purchase of steroids is getting popular among them these days. In a few countries, its purchase or distribution via internet is banned. So, before you plan to consume steroid, it is important to know whether or not it is legal in your country.

Why should you consider legal status of steroid before buying it?

When a person is found to consume anabolic steroids in the UK which are not permitted in the country, then they may need to come across severe lawsuits. This is because the status of various steroids in the UK is contested. Like several other Western nations, the UK government also prefers to entirely ban a list of anabolic steroids. In the UK, steroids are put under a “Class C medication” for the Misuse of Drugs Regulation levied in the year 2001.

Why anabolic steroids are not considered legal in the UK?

Most of the steroids are not considered legal in the UK. This is because there are higher chances that steroids that are traded into the UK, mostly comes from illegitimate countries that do not have appropriate manufacturing oversight. When put in other words, there are possibilities that such steroids could also come from unsterile labs.

It can cause a greater health risk for consumers. Due to this reason, most of the steroid users don’t fall into the trap of underground drug trade. Instead, they prefer to buy it online. In such a case, there is no dealer involved, but still one needs to investigate the quality and hygiene of steroid production.

Which is that place where people plan to buy steroids in UK?

The commonest method to get a supply of steroids is via gym dealers and health stores. When buying through the above sources, one must check that the steroid should not come from black-market entrepreneurs.

Such sources operate only to make money and provide inferior quality products to people. The possible side effects that you will get are severe health issues. Always research and ensure that the steroid you are buying is obtained from a pharmaceutical warehouse or a reputable pharmacy store.


Just like effectiveness of an anabolic steroid, legality is one such very important factor, which you should consider when buying it. Learning about the legal status would get you safe and legitimate results from it.