How Low Self-Esteem Can Lead to Drug Addiction

Traumatic childhoods often lead to problems in adult life, as the values we learn in childhood are instilled early and are impossible to shake later in life. A chaotic home environment where one or both parents is either abusive or neglectful can make a child feel unwanted, depressed and worthless. These children often seek solace in other areas, such as drugs and alcohol, to feel better.

So why do people start taking drugs? Most of these people who suffer from self-esteem issues take drugs to numb their mental pain and suffering, or to have a good time in an otherwise depressing existence. However, those who are dedicated to their recovery (particularly if they have emotional or financial support from loved ones) can do and recover at our rehab Palm Beach facility.

The sad truth is that many people suffer trauma in their early youth. This leads to the thinking that a quick “buzz” or “high” would make the person feel good or more alive, and dull the pain of the traumatic memories. Unfortunately, once the buzz wears off and the proverbial honeymoon is over, then the harsh reality of life as an addict sets in, and self-esteem often only becomes worse. After all, their lives revolve around the substance. Finding money for it, getting it, and using it – nothing else matters.

Come to Rehab in Palm Beach for a Rejuvenating Experience

At our rehab facility, you will delve deep into what created your low self-esteem that manifested into a full-blown drug addiction. This addiction is self-defeating, as it only makes self-esteem worse. An addict rarely feels in control or satisfied with his or her life. That’s why rehab in Palm Beach is the answer to turning an addict’s life around, not just to treat the addiction itself, but the mental health of the patient in detox.

At our facility, we have a multifaceted approach to treated addicts. We combine clinical, spiritual and holistic approaches to treating those who come in with substance disorders. We not only provide detox, but we also encourage the addict to delve into their past and determine why it was that drugs seemed like a good choice in the first place.

Our rehab Palm Beach facility is perfect for those who suffer from low self-esteem, because we can rebuild their confidence and help them learn that life is worth living without drugs or alcohol.