How to become a hospital administrator

A day in the life of a hospital administrator

In the morning, you might be writing a budget for the billing department, saying how much doctors can charge for their services. Later, you speak with Dr. Austen, a newly recruited cardiologist, and ask how she is enjoying the workload at her hospital. She sounds a bit overwhelmed, so you ask the H.R. to come up with an event to help new recruits feel welcomed. You take a nice lunch break with several doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. You take notes afterward about various issues that need to be addressed. You just received a text from your supervisor that a spokesperson is needed from the hospital regarding a recent outbreak of measles among school-aged children. You prepare yourself for the interview that is happening in a few hours. You attend a meeting between software developers and doctors to come up with a solution for collecting more data that will help the hospital serve patients better. Your phone reminds you that you have an interview with a reporter in just a few minutes. You dash out to the lobby, try to appear presentable, and put out the best words you can about the recent measles epidemic and how your hospital can help. You take a break for a few minutes in your office, where a representative wants to speak to you about used and new medical equipment for sale. You buy a few new machines and decline others.

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How to become a hospital administrator

If you are good at seeing the forest through the trees, but also appreciate the details, you might enjoy a career in hospital administration. Do you work well with others, are a good problem solver, and have strong leadership skills? Are you a good communicator, can handle setbacks, and are confident in your decision-making abilities? If so, maybe hospital administration is for you. Are you good at handling a budget, and making cuts where necessary? Can you set limits on when to buy medical equipment for sale that works well with the hospital’s budget?

To work as a hospital administrator, usually you need at least a master’s and sometimes a PhD. For your bachelors, a healthcare-related field is not required. Often, a business-related degree can be very helpful for becoming a hospital administrator. You will want to go for an MBA degree in either healthcare informatics, healthcare administration, public health, or business administration. Many graduate programs can be taken online or in the evening and weekends, making it easier to work while attending school. The healthcare industry is growing very quickly, and there is a high demand for hospital administrators. With plenty of experience and an excellent resume, it should be easy to find a job as a healthcare administrator after graduation.