Linking the fitness to females:

The idea of modern fitness has shattered its cover and entered into the female zone. Earlier, the

idea of fitness and gyming was restricted to males only but with the changing times more females

are wearing the shoes and bunking the notional myth.

For all those women who are hitting gym for the first time, here is a masterpiece of advice just for


1. YES! You all must have heard a lot that post gyming once you stop workout you gain more

weight. The simple answer is No. These are the myths which people would imbibe into you

buy they make no senses. Even, if you leave the gym you need to control diet and that won’t

harm your weight.

2. Wearing comfortable clothes and pair of shoes is another important thing which should be

on your list if this is your first time to gym. Wear comfortable bras as it is necessary.

3. Workout and gyming during menstruation cycle is not a problem until and unless you can’t

pace it up. Light exercises during periods are not injurious to your health, so never ever let

that stupidity creep in your bran.

4. But, definitely keeping check on your pre and post workout diet shall always be an important

thing to do. Fibrous and calcium rich diet is must if you are tapping yourself to the gym

board. Even, if the sole purpose of going to gym is not to weight loss but just to keep

yourself fit , dietary concentration shall be a must to do on your list.

5. Weight training is an essential part of gyming and that is why every woman shall pick to

choose it. Concentration completely on cardio is not a right idea and hence females too

should be taking up the weight management. As weight training aids in the functioning of

the growth hormones preventing problems like aging in women.

6. Before, hitting to gym drinking black coffee helps to keep up the stamina and also helps to

cut the fats faster thereby helping to lose weight speedily.

Alternatively, females can also lay up their emphasis on the power yogas and other exercises to keep

themselves fit. Physical activity is an important factor to keep up the fitness regardless of the

gender. So, girls tie your shoes to keep yourselves fit.