Should You Get A Cat?

If you are thinking about getting a cat and you have not had a cat so far, there are some things you need to know. First of all, getting a cat does not mean that you will only pay for their food, you also need to provide a healthy environment, which involves calling the best cat care Sydney from Gordon Vet Hospital or any other trusted veterinarian hospital.

Getting a cat

Before anything, comes the decision, do you want a kitten or a full-grown cat? Kittens are very adorable and many people choose to have a kitten over a grown cat, but will you be able to match their energy level? Shelters are filled with grown cats that need a home and they have a much harder time to get adopted, which is why it is always advised to take a grown cat as your first pet.

Getting a cat is a big decision

Medical concerns are different from cat to cat

Just like humans need different medical attention, cats are the same. If you are taking a specific breed of a cat, you should get to know the breed and the troubles that they usually go through. You should also make sure that you are willing to pay for the cat’s health expenses, because if you are not, then you should not have a pet at all.

How much time are you willing to spend with a cat?

Cats need attention like all other living beings, which is why you need to know how much you are willing to spend with them. While cats do not need to be walked daily like a dog, do not think that they do not need any attention. Cats are very active and curious, and they need to spend their energy somewhere, so instead of scratching your couch, you should buy them toys and play with them.

Can you afford a cat?

This can easily be calculated by simply asking yourself how much you are willing to spend. If there is a fixed price that you will not go over, not because you can’t but because it is too much to give for a cat, maybe you should not own one. Cats need medical care when they are small and when they grow up, and you need to be aware of that before randomly adopting a cat.

Consider adopting a cat

Many people tend to be against this, which is why there are many cats and dogs in shelters. However, just because they are grown, that does not mean that these animals will not give you the same companionship as they would if they grew up with you. Give a sheltered cat a chance for a brighter life!

Shelter cats tend to be very grateful to their new owners

Indoor cats vs. outdoor cats

If you are keeping your cat outdoors, there is not that much you need to train them as long as you keep them safe and off the road. However, if you intend to have an indoor cat, you will have to provide a place where they will sleep, go to the toilet, eat and a play room or else they might end up scratching your furniture instead.

Final word

If you want to get a cat, please consider adopting one, because those cats also need a bright life. However, if you do not indent to pay for its medical expenses then you really should not be getting any pet. For those who need a suggestion of a good vet, you have the North Turramurra vet like Gordon Vet Hospital to help you out.