The Benefits of Protein

In this day and age, the majority of us are overworked and exhausted. There is barely enough time in the day to cross off every single thing from our to-do list. We pile so much on our proverbial plates that we do not actually have time to sit down and eat a full meal. In fact, we are constantly on the go that sometimes we even skip breakfast or lunch. Luckily, there are still ways to recharge without letting the day go to waste. Eating healthy protein bars between activities can do wonders.

Here are some benefits of protein:

Improve Mood

Some protein foods contain amino acids that are necessary for balancing the hormones that control your mood. If you are lacking in these amino acids, you may notice heightened anxiety, depression, or moodiness. Protein-rich foods will help kick your neurotransmitters into gear and create dopamine and other hormones that help keep you calm and positive.

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Control Weight

If you make sure there is a good portion of protein in every meal, you are actually helping your body naturally control weight gain. Since protein has the tendency to fill you up more, you are less likely to overeat. Otherwise, you could wind up eating more junk food just to put something in your empty stomach.

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Another thing that affects your mood and energy is your blood sugar level. If it gets too high, you could begin to feel a little off. Protein can help stabilize these levels indirectly by actually slowing the absorption rate of sugar in your body.

Stimulate Brain Function

Proteins also have a hand in your cognitive function. Without it, learning and remembering information can become a challenge. Your brain needs the amino acids in order to help you concentrate and focus. It also affects your coordination and motor skills.

Build Muscle Mass

If you exercise pretty regularly, you will definitely want to have some protein after your workout. Some forms of physical activity can be harmful to you muscle tissues. Protein will repair and rebuild these tissues, thus helping to grow your muscle mass.

When you have a long day ahead of you, grab some snacks that are rich in protein. In running from one event to another, you may be tempted to put off eating. Skipping meals will only make the day more difficult, leaving you run down with little to no energy. Whether you choose a protein bar or a smoothie, you are doing a great favor to your mind and body. Be good to yourself and put your health first.