The Birth of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the evolution of a new beginning in improving the overall physical appearance of an individual. With more emphasis placed on a brighter and whiter smile, cosmetic dentistry continues to draw the attention of those in search of viable improvements to become more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex with overall improvements to underlying health conditions as a result of improper care of once permanent teeth. Since the beginning of time dating back to 700 B.C, repair, improvement and replacement of teeth has often been referred to as the birth of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry began to gain popularity in the 1980’s with the invention of resin cement applied to an existing decaying tooth. Although more non-traditional and experimental methods were used by the Ancient Egyptians for tooth repair and replacement including using gold to make dental crowns, these methods and practices was often temporary, crude and involved great discomfort to the receiving individual. As time evolved, cosmetic dentistry in a very rudimentary form, involved the development of mouth washes or toothpaste comprised of vinegar and pumice stone used primarily to remove stains. Although somewhat effective, this method often proved to be highly offensive to those in close proximity of the user.

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Cosmetic Dentistry continued to progress throughout Medieval times. Once considered as a part of trip to the barber, cosmetic dentistry loomed ever present in the decades to come with the invention and practice of new procedures that would eventually revolutionize the entire dentist profession. With the invention of prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry starting to evolve in the mid to late 1700’s, porcelain dentures were brought to fruition to replace damaged or missing teeth with the aid of a very large container of liquid antiquated sedative. By the 1800’s, a evasive form of cosmetic dentistry brought forth metal placed in teeth often producing other more critical health conditions including poisoning and even death.

Cosmetic Dentistry began to emerge as a form of rehabilitating smiles and teeth by the 20th Century. By the 1900’s new techniques and practices began to improve procedures in the replacement and repair of damaged teeth that would change such procedures for many generations yet to come. Porcelain dental crowns were not as affordable as they are today, replaced form of plastics still an integral part of cosmetic dentistry used today. Often labeled as the true beginning of what was to become a recognized form of cosmetic dentistry today, the 20th century introduced techniques and highly skilled dentists that would transfigure and take the cosmetic dentistry industry to record proportions.

Cosmetic Dentistry will continue to develop and implement new practices and procedures in improving and maintaining a beautiful smile for an unprecedented time frame that holds no boundaries or limitations. Throughout history and the development of new technology, cosmetic dentistry will continue to surface as a means repairing and replacement of damaged teeth once lost due to malice and improper care due to fore fathers that brought about the birth of cosmetic dentistry.