Thigh Gap Obsession: Try These Thigh Workouts With Your Regular Exercise!

When you stand straight with knees together, you should see some space between your thighs. There are thousands of girls who starve themselves to achieve a one. This obsession is just an alarm of new trend focusing so do not mind the gap. Today, you can achieve this by just following certain exercises that focus especially on thigh areas.

Even though primarily our body burns the fat as a whole without spot reduce, still you can target a particular area by giving more emphasizes. Right down the belly, thighs are the pace most women just hate about. And, you cannot spot-reduce as heard before still can make lean muscles. With the right diet and reducing weight overall can tone the thigh gap that you love to have.

  1. Stand Leg Lifting

First, stand on one foot with a bent knee at 45degree and hands on hip. Then bend towards forward from the waist to balance and keep the chest high. Next, extend the other leg outpointing the toe. Keep that leg straight and raise it higher the amount you can even without moving your hips and lower it in control. Do this ten times on one side and repeat another side.

  1. Squats

Stand tall on feet beyond the shoulder width then take dumbbells on your side and squat slowly until the hips go parallel to the ground. You need to hold the position while bottom movement for some seconds then returns to standing position. Make sure that your knees do not hang over toes while coming down to ground. So, keep shoulders back pulled and your chest upright.

  1. Side Shuffle Switch

This fast pace moves give you higher heart rate to blast the body fat. It recruits the inner thigh muscles that help in switching direction quickly. To do it first stand properly with arms by sides then shuffle to the right taking three steps quickly like right left right and lifted the left knee up and swing the arm forward to the right.

Immediately reverse the shuffle to left-right-left and took the right knee up, bent left knee and swung your right arm forward. You can repeat this more than ten times in a row quickly by alternating your sides.

  1. Star Jump

First bring your both feet together, toes towards forward and keep both hands on hip. Then chest high, knees bent and started jumping up as both your legs extend outwards. Land on your feet together only with knees soft; repeat this action at least 10 minutes.

  1. Lateral Lunge

First with stepping towards right beyond your shoulder width and keep your toes forwards and feet flat. Squat using right hip by keeping your other leg straight and slowly hold your position of the bottom for three seconds. Next push back and repeat it with left leg.

Inner thigh exercises help to strengthen your muscles and give a dramatic change in your thigh gap. It helps to achieve those long, strong and sleek look that you always wanted for your skinny jeans.