Tips on How to Save your Marriage

One of the leading reasons for the marriages to go under stress is the problem of erectile dysfunction. The problem surely inhibits the usual sexual act, thereby making the marriages go for a toss. As the sexual desires of partners are not satisfied, there is stress and discord, often resulting either in extra marital affairs or divorce. However, there is help at hand for those men that suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction and male impotence.

The Fildena Drug

The Fildena drug comes from the house of Fortune Healthcare. As other impotence drugs, Fildena drugs contain the ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. The drug belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor drug family also known as phosphodieserase type 5 inhibitors. The Fildena drugs are prescribed to those patients that suffer from erectile dysfunction so that they can achieve normal erection.

Benefits of the Fildena Drug

While giving the patients the sexual strength that they desire and the erection that they look for, the Fildena drugs prove to be effective in several other problems. It provides relief for patients suffering from prostate enlargement that causes problems related to urinary retention. Next, the drug proves to be effective in helping fertility treatments carried on females. Finally, the Fildena drugs prove to be helpful in treating arterial hypertension and preserving pregnancies of those suffering from different clinical conditions and miscarriage.

Once the treatment of erectile dysfunction is underway, the patients are relieved of the psychological problems associated with it and these include anxiety and depression. Moreover, the sourness and bitterness in a relationship also start melting away. The couples can once again seek marital and sexual bliss.

Mechanism of Action of Sildenafil Citrate

The consumption of sildenafil citrate by way of the Fildena drug helps in improving the quality of blood that is supplied to the penis. It also helps in reducing any complications associated with the arteries connected. The body naturally produces cGMP, a chemical messenger. The enzyme PDE5 is responsible for breaking down this chemical messenger. However, when consumed, sildenafil citrate inhibits or blocks the action of PDE5, thereby resulting in increased amounts in the blood. The high flow of blood to the penis helps in achieving complete erection.

Save your Marriage

There is no denying the fact that marriages go for a toss if the partners are not sexually satisfied. While the causes of the problem could be natural, there is help in the form of drugs. You can save your marriage by visiting a counselor and sharing your problem. If the reasons are psychological, things are different but if the reasons include physical weakness, impotence or ED, you must take the help of the doctors.

They will recommend you to take sildenafil citrate. You have the option of consuming the drug in the form of chewable tablets, tablets, capsules and gel capsules. The recommended dosage of the drug is one capsule or tablet per day and the ingestion period should be 20 minutes to 1 hour before the sexual activity as this would help in performing maximally.

You can give your spouse a second chance. Save your marriage by consuming the recommended drug as prescribed.