Title: 4 Unique Ways to Accomplish New Year’s  Resolutions

New Year Concept

The start of a new year brings the promise of a new beginning. This makes you commit to losing weight, eating healthier, less tv, more outside time, and the list goes on until infinity. Despite your best intentions, you and millions of others fail to accomplish your new year’s goals.

A major reason is because of boredom. You get too bored with the same approach to your standard self-improvement goals. With our guidance, you will effortlessly complete your new year’s resolutions. Read below to add some unique twists to your approach to completing some of the most common goals.

Goal: Learn Something New

New Approach: Use the free resources around you.

A major reason people give up on learning something new is because they don’t have the resources available to learn, or they believe they have to spend a lot of money to do it. However, there are a lot of free and cheap resources available. If you have a library card, you can sign up for free courses, check out instructional books, audiobooks, and videos.

Also, websites like Udemy, Hubspot, and Coursera offer inexpensive and cheap certification courses. There are also free apps like Duolingo to help you master a foreign language. Use these free resources to devote a little time every day to a new skill. Take it one skill at a time and you’ll easily complete your goal of learning something new this year.

Goal: Save Money

New Approach: Use coupons for everything.

Check Groupon’s coupon section before making any purchase. Even for something you wouldn’t expect to have a ton of coupons, like a razor subscription service. Check the page of major razor clubs, like Harry’s, then look for a Harry’s razor coupon before completing your transaction.

Groupon simplifies coupon clipping by eliminating the hectic process of searching through pages for discount codes. Simply find the Groupon page of your favorite retailer, and scan for a coupon that can be applied to your purchase.

Devoting a few minutes to searching for discount codes ends up saving you anywhere from 10 percent to 80 percent on your order. These coupons can add up to thousands of dollars being saved every year.

Goal: Take More or Less Pictures

New Approach: Snap with a purpose

Promise yourself that you will only take pictures that have some meaning. This means that you won’t just take the obligatory selfie or food shots. Instead, you’ll take pictures of graffiti with a message, landscapes that speak to you, people that inspire you, and photos of you doing something that matters.

Use these pictures as just a way to document your life, or share them on your Instagram feed as the story of your year. If you’re a beginner to photography, this experiment helps you learn about the art of taking pictures. It also makes you more comfortable in front and behind the camera. Look for 30-day picture prompts to help you generate ideas and get practice.

Goal: Be More Confident

New Approach: 30-days of rejection

For a month, do at least 30 things that you know will fail. Ask for large amounts of money, ask out someone who you know won’t say yes, apply to something without fully preparing for it, and send emails to companies that you know won’t hire you.

Most people fear rejection. That is why this is a surefire confidence booster, because diving head first into rejection allows you to fear it less, and this makes you more confident to take on things you really want. After dealing with 30 days of rejections, you are able to handle it better, and are able to continue on without letting rejection stop you.