Types of Rejuvacote

If you still don’t know what Rejuvacote is, you are missing out of Duri’s recent innovation. Duri is a nail expert company that had launched in 1990. They specify in 200 nail paint colors, nail care items, and more cosmetics that they have extended all through their journey. Their recent innovation is a nail care product that can heal your nails when they stop growing or get damaged. It is called the Rejuvacote and we will discuss two of its types in this article.

If you want to know all about the Rejuvacote, you must visit Here you will know the best of the products and get a detailed idea of other relative products. Primarily there was one product under the name, but now there are two. We will discuss them in detail so that you know what to expect from each.

Rejuvacote 1

The name seems to be a mix of rejuvenate and coat. As per the name, we are sure that it works to heal our nail polish. The nail strengthening formula was made by the chemists and nail expert of Duri. This serves to heal nails that don’t tend to grow when exposed to harmful elements. Our nails often get affected from acrylics and gels, and it is better to use something that would heal quickly. With this amazing innovation, we get a top coat of a nail paint that is enriched with hydrolyzed soy protein and wheat protein, calcium, and keratin. These help us have healthier nails so that we can beautify them and keep them in a good condition.

Rejuvacote 2

After the success of the first formulation, the company went onto making the second type of this product. With this, the experts have gone one step ahead and created a formulation exclusively for sensitive nails. This is a 3-free growth treatment for nails, which have sensitive skin and nail condition. The top coat of the product will help you protect the nails from pollution and other hazards. This adds to inner strength that works from within. The nail paint helps moisture and regenerates the nails so that you have support and flexibility.

How to use Rejuvacote 1and 2?

The mechanism for both the products is same. You can apply it with or without a nail color, and the mechanism for these two will differ. The product gives an estimated time of 14 days to let you see relevant results.

  1. Without nail paint

When you want to use Rejuvacote without nail paint, abide by the following:

  • Clean your nails and apply two bare coats
  • Let it dry
  • Apply one coat every day for 7 days
  • Remove coats on the 8th day with a remover and repeat the 7 day process
  1. With nail paint

When you want to use Rejuvacote with nail paint, abide by the following:

  • Apply the base coat on clean nails
  • Apply 2 coats of nail paint
  • Add Rejuvacote again at the top
  • Repeat for 7 days and remove
  • Repeat process

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