Why It Is Important To Stack Deca With Testosterone? Know Its Ultimate Benefits!

Deca Durabolin is one of the most popular steroids in the market that offers the users their desire gains in strength as well as size. It has a great tendency to suppress the natural testosterone production, so it is considered important to stack Deca with the Testosterone.

The combination of Deca and Testosterone is commonly used as off-season buking stack since Deca has tendency to offer relief from the joint pain. This can be very much beneficial during the non-competition season. Let us learn more about it in the following section.

Important basics on Deca Testosterone Cycle

Testosterone and Deca Durabolin is a very old method to gain benefits of both of the steroids. If you add Testosterone to Deca cutting cycle, it will offer you great strength and size benefits that you are looking for. For most of the users, adding Test to Deca cycle is very crucial. Only the experienced users that use Deca will know for sure whether they require testosterone boost or not. Mostly all the beginners are recommended to stack Deca with Testosterone. The following are recommended dosages for them.

  • Deca Durabolan – 400 mg per week (8 weeks)
  • Testosterone – 500 mg per week (for 12 weeks)

While it is true that Deca is milder substance in terms of undesirable side effects, stacking it with Testosterone is the best way to keep Deca phase to minimum without losing results that the users are looking for.

This is recommended generally to everyone that is new to Deca. For the experienced ones, deviations from conservative cycle in the favor of Deca Durabolin only cycle might be permissible. Visiting reliable online sites can be very beneficial if you need more info about this cycle.

Results of Deca cycle

Deca is well known to boost up protein synthesis, increase nitrogen retention, and improve collagen production. It has even been used to treat breast cancer, geriatric weakness, as well as burn injuries. It is normally more anabolic than testosterone. However, it is less androgenic.

For the competitive bodybuilders, Deca is sought after for its great ability to produce leaner muscles. For this and many other reasons, it is quite popularly used during the cutting cycle.

While no supplement can be considered as completely safe, Deca is considered to be least toxic non-testosterone derived substance of its type. Its aromatizing nature enables it to raise the estrogen levels that pose risk of developing the breast tissue.

Thus, Deca when taken with Testosterone produces very much effective results. Make sure to take suggestions from your physician before you begin with the cycle.