Growth Hormone Effect In Your System Depends Upon Its Half Life Period

The effect of growth hormone will depend upon what forms of drug that you are taking. If you are taking injection of Somatropin then its effect will be present in your body for about 3.8 to 4.9 hours. The same can vary if it is taken in any other forms. The atomic structure of the ingredient of the drug will decide the half life period. Besides, there are few other things that will impact the half life period of growth hormone.

Half life of human growth hormone

Many people take HGH injection in order to maintain their youthfulness. This hormone is also produced in our body through pituitary gland and is responsible for our body muscle growth. It also helps in restoring our body, when we get injured due to several reasons. Nowadays, many athletes are also using this hormone to improve their performance and also get healed quickly from their injuries due to intense workouts. Therefore athletes need to know how long the effect of this hormone will be present in their body. They also need to know this so that they can hide the presence of drug, before participating in any competitive sports.

On website Steroidly, it is defined that half life period is the time it takes to reduce the presence of the substance to its half, after taking the drug. In case the half life period is 10 minutes then the effect of the drug will become half after 10 minutes and quarter after another 10 minutes and one eighth after next 10 minutes and so on. This way the HGH will remain active in our body in this proportion.

How one should take HGH

You can take HGH in many different ways but what your doctor prescribes for you is the proper way of taking it if you are taking HGH treatments. For bodybuilding you need to take twice the amount that you usually take for anti aging purpose.

If you are using HGH for any non medical use then dosages are to be decided by you, which at times can be very tricky. In many countries, it is considered to be illegal to possess this drug and need to produce prescription for purchasing.

There is a little confusion about the dosage cycle, too. According to some people one should take it for 5 days and then take two days break. While some others say that you can take it continuously without any break.