Sober Living Programs – The Right Level of Care

When you have had it with drug or alcohol abuse and are looking to become clean and sober, you may wonder where to begin. The process of recovery is long but if you have the right information on the issue, things can become easier.  However, it is important to note that the road for recovery begins with personal acceptance that there is a problem. After that, you can sign up for the right therapy.

Friendly care during recovery

There are different levels of care available for recovering addicts. The right one for you depends on your individual situation and needs. This depends on how much, how long    and how often you have been drinking or drugging. In addition, other factors such as gender, age, mental status and health condition can also play a part in determining the type of care that you should have. As you look for the right sober living programs, you should choose amongst the friendly care programs available.

Professional Intervention

An Interventionist is a profession who determines the right level of care for addicts. Consultations can either be done on phone or over the internet. Whichever way it goes, the interventionist helps both the addict and his family cope with the stresses of recovery. Also, the interventionist has the necessary skills to help clients beat addiction. However, long term treatment requires a better plan that goes beyond the initial treatment program.

Detox through medication

Most sober living programs use drugs detox to help addicts beat addiction. Rehab centers have a professional doctor who specializes in addictionology. The doctor does all he can to improve the health and performance of addicts through the right medication and treatments. However, this kind of treatment is ideal for hardcore addicts who have had a drinking or drug abuse problem for a long period of time. However, Self detox is not advised as it has many side effects on patients.

A holistic treatment

On the other hand, there is a holistic kind of treatment that treats individuals through the use of natural substances. Normally, natural substances such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals and B-12 injections are used in the process. Other natural treatment methods include acupuncture, energy healing and massage.

Drug detox

Drug detox targets hard drugs in the system. It takes a pharmacological approach to cleanse the system. On their part, Opium addicts are given a detox that consists of suboxone. On the other hand, heroine addicts have a harder time cleansing their systems. This is because; they have to take much heavier doses of depade, suboxone and vivitrol.

Alcohol detox

Unlike other types of sober living programs, alcohol detox has a higher level of side effects including seizures and heart attacks. Unfortunately, those side effects can become fatal.

Residential treatment centers

Another approach to sober living programs are the normal rehab centers where addicts are taken in. the addicts have to live in the centers for extended periods of time where they receive treatments as needed. It is important to note that these centers have all the facilities and personnel to help addicts through the process of recovery.