Some Amazing Facts about Anavar like Weight Loss in Women

Anavar is a popular steroid that is accepted due to its tolerant nature. It is the brand name given to Oxandrolone which was made in 1960 by G.D. Searle & Company. It was created to treat HIV and Osteoporosis. Ever since, FDA became strict about usage of steroid, the company had to discontinue this product. It reappeared in 1995 with the help of BTG, which is now known as Savient, and was given the name of Oxandrin.

Since Savient was the only company which came back with Oxandrin, its price was over exceeding. Later some more pharmaceuticals made duplicates of Oxandrolone, which lowered down the price. No matter what happened, Anavar, which is the business name for Oxandrolone is still one of the expensive and most commonly used steroids among men and women.

Anavar is much effective for women than men, which is why it is very famous among female athletes. Steroids are generally harmful on female’s body because it is a type of testosterone that increases male characteristics. Any testosterone if used by women can increase their male traits and minimize feminine characteristics.

Anavar is widely used because it is safer for ladies and there are hardly any side effects. Moreover, you can see growth of muscles and increase of strength without increase in masculinity. It also helps in loss of weight and hence a great supplement for those who are looking for a lean body and fat reduction.

Although there are benefits of this steroid, but increasing the dosage will definitely leave certain negative impact –

  • Masculinity
  • Deep voice
  • Hair on body
  • Swollen sex organs

However, these effects occur only when the dosage taken is more than suggested or required, also when the cycle is extended more than required. If the dosage is followed as per prescription, then definitely women will experience a positive result.

Females might prefer using it in a different way, but it is always good to use Anavar for cutting cycle. Some female bodybuilders stack Anavar with other steroids for better results. Women are sensitive to hormones, which is why they need lower dosage of any steroid. Although Anavar is good during off season, but in case of dieting, it shows tremendous results.

Women face more difficulty in shedding fat than men. They also accumulate stubborn fat very quickly. Since muscles burn faster than fat that is why Oxandrolone is more helpful because it gives a toned body and better muscular appearance.